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Best locations for real estate investment in Pakistan property market

Real estate in Pakistan is significantly boosted with sustainable developments aligned ahead! As the year is at its peak, there is a need to navigate the market by predicting the top real estate locations for 2024 in the Pakistan property market. This country has diversified investment opportunities; no matter if you are looking for bustling Islamabad, Hyderabad, Multan, Lahore, or Karachi, the Pakistan property market is here to give you the best location pickups suggested by experts. Thanks to their infrastructure, top-notch development, economic growth & demographic shifts, these cities are one of the top locations for property investment in Pakistan. Let’s quickly review the top locations in Pakistan that are perfect for lucrative investment opportunities.

Top Real Estate Locations for 2024 in Pakistan Property Market

Gulberg Islamabad

Gulberg Greens Islamabad

Gulberg Islamabad will be Pakistan’s most sought-after real estate destination, offering a well-balanced mix of residential and commercial developments inside a well-designed neighbourhood. No matter if you are looking for a commercial shop, retail outlet, apartment, or bungalow, Gulberg Islamabad embraces all categories of real estate. Because of its advantageous central location, many investment opportunities and contemporary facilities, it appeals to investors looking for long-term growth potential. Focusing on high-quality living and promising returns, Gulberg Islamabad is distinguished by its lively atmosphere and dedication to excellence.

DHA Islamabad

DHA Islamabad

The Defense Housing Authority’s (DHA) Islamabad remains one of Pakistan’s premier real estate destinations. Prominent for its flawless infrastructure and safe surroundings, DHA Islamabad presents numerous profitable investment opportunities for investors. The region offers a variety of investment opportunities, from residential to commercial, and its well-established reputation and well-developed amenities only increase its appeal. DHA Islamabad, which has a history of stability and prosperity, continues to be a mainstay of the nation’s real estate market, offering astute investors security and value.

Scheme 33, Karachi

Scheme 33 Karachi

With several schemes already completed, developed, and occupied, Scheme 33, Karachi, presents a compelling combination of growth potential and proven infrastructure, making it an excellent option for astute investors seeking promising returns in Karachi’s burgeoning real estate market. Originally proposed as a regulated housing program in 1971, Scheme 33 spans an expansive 26,026 acres and is poised to accommodate approximately 137 housing schemes. Conveniently located along the Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway, Scheme 33 is expected to become a prime real estate investment opportunity in 2024 due to the availability of affordable investment options and carefully planned communities tailored to the needs of Karachiites.

Gulistan-e-Johor Karachi


Another notable location for property investment in Pakistan is Gulistan-e-Jauhor. This massive residential location is near the Jinnah International Airport, which consistently attracts attention from investors looking for high profits. Known for its affordability, Gulistan-e-Jauhar provides a wide range of investment and housing options along with necessary facilities and infrastructure, guaranteeing a comfortable living. Gas, water, and electricity are readily available, which adds to its allure as a dependable development. In addition, the region has an abundance of parks, commercial markets, sports complexes, educational institutions, and recreational amenities, all of which contribute to its appeal as a complete residential destination.

Raiwand Lahore

Raiwind Road Lahore

Based on recent real estate trends, Raiwind Road remains Lahore’s #1 choice for real estate investment. Steeped in a tranquil setting apart from the hectic pace of the city, Raiwind Road presents many investment opportunities, primarily in the form of affordable and low-cost housing plans. Many emerging communities that follow current lifestyle standards may be found along this route, offering investors modern living options. Because of its peaceful atmosphere and potential for future growth, Raiwind Road is a desirable option for investors hoping to make big profits in Lahore’s dynamic real estate market.

Which unit type is best for investment in Pakistani real estate?

In Pakistan’s real estate market, the ideal unit type for investment depends on several variables, including location, market trends, budget, and individual preferences. Smaller housing, such as apartments or studio apartments, is generally more advantageous for investment for several reasons. First, compared to larger apartments or homes, they frequently have lower purchase prices and maintenance expenditures, making them more accessible to investors on a tighter budget. Second, apartments usually offer better rental returns and demand, especially in urban locations with high population densities and a continuing tendency toward urbanization. Furthermore, compared to more significant properties, flats are more straightforward to maintain and sell, providing investors with more liquidity. Ultimately, the ideal unit type for investing differs based on particular situations and investment plans.

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