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5 Facts you should know for Life at Charsadda Road, Peshawar

Even though Pakistan holds a long list of historical roads that are expanded greatly in various transportation networks. These networks keep the cities united, combined, and easy to travel at any hour of the day. But why specifically, we are highlighting Charsadda road’s importance and facts?

To keep our readers updated and investors well-informed, it is necessary to understand the dynamics of Charsadda road because this place is now going to be the hot seller area any time soon. So why not be ahead of time champ?

In this blog you will learn about the importance of the road, the facilities featured, educational institutes available, and the recent real estate developments in the area, so that your investments remain informed, profitable and demandable as well.

5 Historical Facts about Charsadda Road Peshawar:

  1. Charsadda’s history dates back to 1400 BCE when archeologists recovered deposits at Charsadda near BalaHisar.
  2. The name Charsadda means “Lotus City” in Sanskrit as it was once the capital of Ghnadaran City.
  3. It served as the Gandhara kingdom’s administrative center. Throughout history, many invaders have ruled over this region, including the Persians, Alexander the Great’s Greeks, the Mauryas, the Turks, and the Guptas.
  4. Around the 6th century, the inhabitants of Charsadda started developing iron and ceramic industries to encourage trade.
  5. Charsadda is also labeled as the “oldest built road” in the city.


(TOP-NOTCH) Hospitals Available on Charsadda Road Peshawar:

This road of Peshawar owns numerous hospitals always available to cater to emergencies with highly qualified staff. All these hospitals are easily accessible and fully functional round the clock.

  • MMC
  • Khyber Medical Center
  • Al-Hafeez Medical Center
  • DaaruDurmal Medical Center
  • Pak General Hospital
  • Shah Medical Complex Hospital


QUALITY Schools Available on Charsadda Road Peshawar:

Since this road holds various facilities among which top-notch schools stands the most vivid. These schools are one of the reason making this place quite commercial and busy.

  • North Hills School & College
  • Apple group of Schools
  • Applied School of Peshawar Pakistan
  • TKS School of Elite
  • The Knowledge School, Peshawar


Real Estate Investment Opportunities near by Charsadda Road, Peshawar:

Charsadda Road is also a major commercial thoroughfare in the city, facilitating transportation and trade throughout the province. Because the road connects to important areas and developments in the city, properties on Charsadda Road are popular and in high demand for both residential and investment purposes.

Residents who want to live close to the city’s developments and commercial activities will find this location appealing and suitable for their needs. To find out the exact project details, scroll below!

Mumtaz Heights:

Mumtaz Heights is the recent project added on our website that is located exactly on Charsadda road, near main Dalazak road. This project is highly demandable project of Peshawar due to its ideal location, aesthetic development and feasible amenities.

In this project you can either a shop or office or you can simple buy an apartment to pursue an ideal life. Close to facilities, high in profitability, Mumtaz Heights is the answer to the best investment on Charsadda road, Peshawar.

Usman Mall & Residencia:

Usman Mall & Residencia, a TMA-approved project, is selling commercial plots on Darmangi Main Warsak Road in Peshawar, Pakistan. Not only does Usman Mall &Residencia provide commercial opportunities, but it also offers luxurious apartments for sale to Peshawar residents, allowing them to begin a deluxe lifestyle with greater ease.

Nearby Locations around Charsadda road:

When we say Charsadda road is centrally located, we mean it. This location is ideal to invest and easy to reside because there are various road networks connects fluently with charsadda road. This is why people residing here gets everything on their fingertips. Why don’t you try to be one of them!

The further locations connecting to Charsadda road are;

  • G.T Road
  • Motor Way
  • Peshawar Ring Road
  • Northern By pass
  • Warsak Roak

Amenities that you will find in Charsadda Road Peshawar:

Due to latest developments and demands of the residents, you can easily enjoy most of the recreational amenities that is required to build a strong and economical society. Let’s check out the amenities that are available on Charsadda road Peshawar.

  • Well-equipped commercial areas
  • Sophisticatedly developed housing schemes
  • Mosque, Hospitals, Schools & Colleges
  • Wide road network
  • Stadiums, Cricket and Football grounds
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Centers
  • Parks & Gardens (Shahi Bagh)
  • 24/7 security
  • Sports grounds (Arbab Niaz Stadium)

Concluding Charsadda Road, Peshawar’s importance:

Investing in Charsadda road, Peshawar is highly in demand, and great in profits because of the convenience, ease and accessibility ensured to the residents. Also, such locations that are easy to reach and well connected with the entire city own the power of building strong societies and profitable real estate investments.

Moreover, all the mentioned above projects are economical and offer great installment plans for buyers. So, if you are willing to buy your dream home in Charsadda Peshawar, this is your time to invest NOW!

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