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5 Reasons to Invest in Usman Mall & Residencia

Usman Mall & Residencia  is a blend of commercial and residential real estate opportunities that are coming to thrive in Peshawar. Invest in Usman Mall & Residencia. To deliver investors an ideal commercial opportunity and to offer buyers their dream home in a prime locality, Usman Mall & Residencia is sprawling its development to bring the best real estate project in the city.

To know the reason why Usman Mall & Residencia is the perfect fit for your real estate investment, we have enlisted the advantages real estate investors get to enjoy after contributing their investment in Usman Mall & Residencia.

5 Reasons to Invest in Usman Mall & Residencia:

  • The location of this commercial and residential project is strategic
  • The great solution for the desire for opulent living
  • The project offers a Flexible payment plan
  • Usman Mall & Residencia fulfill commercial needs
  • World-class amenities are available for everyone
  • A top secret

Strategic Location of Usman Mall & Residencia:

The TMA-approved project, Usman Mall & Residencia, is located in an ideal location where the chances of an easy approach are maximum. Also, the footfall of customers and consumers is predicted to be at its peak, which is a cherry on top for potential investors. The exact location of this profitable real estate project is on the Darmangi Main Warsak Road in Peshawar. Moreover, Usman Mall & Residencia is destined to be the most opulent project on its premises. What can be more amazing than that? Your investment!

The Dreamy Residential Apartments Available for Investment in Usman Mall & Residencia:

What features do you associate with your dream home when you daydream about it? What else could there be but a superb location, tranquil vistas, first-rate facilities, the perfect layout, and a sumptuous interior and exterior? What if we told you that by investing in Usman Mall & Residencia, you can achieve all the elements in the apartment of your dreams? You did read that right, Usman Mall & Residencia has everything to offer that is coveted by the buyer to bring maximum ease and convenience to its lifestyle.

Usman Mall & Residencia Fulfills All Commercial Needs to Make Your Investments Profitable:

The architect of the project planned so sophisticatedly to develop a mall that becomes eye candy for all. Spacious shops, mastermind layout, wide parking spaces, and aesthetic food court locations make this investment uniquely profitable for real estate investors who will invest in Usman Mall & Residencia. Undoubtedly, this project is the perfect answer for your profitable commercial investment hunt.

World-class amenities are crafted for the buyers of Usman Mall & Residencia:

An array of amenities are available to make this project successfully operational in the city. The facilities available for the buyers and investors of Usman Mall & Residencia include double basement parking, cargo lifts, passenger lifts, a firefighting system, backup generators, 24/7 security, a community center, escalators, a wide lobby area, and emergency exits. A complete package of facilities to make this ideal project more demanded in the real estate market of Pakistan.

Flexible Payment Plan for Usman Mall & Residencia:

The payment plan decided for the Usman Mall & Residencia is quite flexible and cost-effective. To make your investment decisions feasible, you can check the availability of an installment plan by contacting our customer service team at any hour of the day. To avoid any confusion, call us at 111-111-160

Want to crack a top secret?

To make your investment more cost-efficient, Usman Mall & Residencia is offering great discount deals on the Star Club Card. If you already own a Star Club Card membership, then you are hearteningly welcome to avail of the discounts. To those who haven’t purchased Star Club Card’s membership, place your order now before it’s too late!


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