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5 things you should know about Lamar Tower

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Initially, when we start looking or investment options, what are your most concerns that you cater to? Location? NOC approvals? Probably everything! From locality to approval and other amenities that might affect the value of the project, the potential investor first’s the most priority is a payment plan. Other factors rest behind the pricing of investment opportunities.

If the pricing is reasonable, the investor might compromise on other factors such as amenities, congested parking spaces, a little poor neighborhood, etc. but on the contrary top-notch projects where every amenity is world-class, the location is greatly centralized and the whole community is well-organized, then the investor might be ready to go over the board in terms of payment.

Well, neither of the mentioned cases falls with Lamar Tower because everything in this project comes opulently designed, greatly organized, and located centralized. Here are the 5 things that will make you keep thinking about this thriving investment opportunity residing in Lamar Tower.

5 things you should know about Lamar Tower, Islamabad:

  1. Structure of Lamar Tower
  2. Payment Plan of Lamar Tower, Islamabad
  3. Exclusive Discounts
  4. Exceptional Facilities
  5. Location Aesthetics

Structure of Lamar Tower, Islamabad:

When it comes to the structure plan of Lamar Tower, words simply can’t do justice. The perfection of combining commercial shops and pristine apartments can be seen in Lamar Tower, Islamabad.

So whether you want to reside or looking to invest in commercial shops in Islamabad, this is your prime time to invest in the G+4 building Lamar Tower.

The structure of Lamar Tower is as follows;

The ground floor is restricted to commercial shops only where the investor will be in an indirect rental contract with the brand. Also, the developers have complete authority to make changes in the design of the shop as per brand requirements.

The first floor of Lamar Tower is specified for the builder’s office where no units are available for sale.

The 2nd, 3rd, & 4th floors of Lamar Tower are designed for exquisite apartments to deliver the experience of opulent living in E-11 Markaz of Islamabad.

Those interested buyers who are currently looking for commercial or residential investment in Islamabad, Pakistan then these limited slots of shops and apartments are available for sale in Islamabad.

Payment Plan of Lamar Tower, Islamabad:

As committed before, Lamar tower is everything that requires to win the heart of an investor. A profitable yet reasonable investment opportunity in the capital of the country doesn’t rise every other day in Pakistan.

Lamar tower of Islamabad comes with a feasible payment plan which makes it a reliable investment opportunity for any investor in the real estate market.

The payment plan for Lamar Tower is as follows;

  • Booking of Lamar Tower is on 30% payment.
  • Later on, the remaining payment can be made through 33 month or 5-half-yearly installment plan. The instant possession will be granted to the investor just right after 100% payment.

Exclusive Discounts for Lamar Tower buyers/investors:

First, those who aren’t a member of the Star Club Card can avail FLAT 10% discount on 100% payment of one unit. A FLAT 5% discount is offered to those who are willing to pay 50% payment of the cost of a unit at the time of booking.

Also, those who are part of the Star Club Card family can have discounts while buying an apartment or a shop in Lamar Tower, Islamabad.

Exceptional Amenities:

How often it is to find a project that offers a car charging and washing facility in its basement? Quite a rare approach right? Lamar Tower in E-11 Markaz, Islamabad is one of the world-class projects that offers a gymnasium, swimming pool, spacious car parking, spa, car washing, and car charging facility in its own basement.

Making sure to provide the utmost convenience to their buyers, Lamar Tower has incorporated multiple facilities in the premises of the project. Life in Lamar Tower couldn’t get any better!

Location Aesthetics:

The location of Lamar Tower is itself a benchmark that everybody knows, E-11 Markaz, Islamabad! This location is iconic because several residential and commercial activities take place in this area. Every other facility including schools, offices, malls, restaurants, and hospitals can be seen in the vicinity of E-11 Markaz, Islamabad.


Everything in Lamar Tower, Islamabad is crafted with perfection. That’s why there are limited units left for booking. If you are still looking for a commercial shop to invest in where rental incomes are guaranteed, the Lamar Tower is the hot seller answer you can have!

Also, apart from an investment plan if you are looking for a serene life in majestic bays, then Lamar Tower is also geared up to deliver pristine lifestyles most classically! If you haven’t consulted our real estate experts yet, then this is your time to make a call and get yourself attached to the upcoming hot seller project in Islamabad.

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