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Best Unknown Places To Visit In Pakistan In 2023

Pakistan is a developing country that has a culture that extends back thousands of years. This lovely country will not only excite but also astound its visitors with its diversified landscape. The majority of Pakistan is covered in magnificent mountains, craggy peaks, attractive villages, emerald-green lakes, picturesque deserts, and breathtaking meadows, but that’s not all! Pakistan is a country that never fails to amaze its travelers and serves jaw-dropping beautiful sights that words can hardly do justice to describe.

To guide the traveler about the spots they almost missed in their last tour, this blog will be the perfect fit to create a complete guide to discover best unknown places to visit in Pakistan.



Gulmit also referred to as Gul-e-Gulmit, is a town in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan that serves as the administrative center for the Gojal also termed as Upper Hunza. Gulmit is a historic town with mountains, peaks, and glaciers that dates back millennia. It is a popular tourist destination with numerous historic sites, hotels, shops, and a museum.

Gulmit has a chilly desert climate (BWk) according to the Köppen climatic classification, Summer temperatures range from 18 to 24°C, with an average annual precipitation of 113 mm. November is the driest month, with only 2 mm of rain, while May is the wettest, with 24 mm of rain on average.

The charming Attabad Lake, the majestic Passu Cones, and the snowy Glaciers are genuinely breathtaking sights that deserve your whole attention in the Gulmit Village of Gilgit Baltistan.


Located in the northwest of Chitral at a distance of about 48 kilometers, Garam Chashma resides as one of the arteries in the heart of Chitral. Garam chashma also referred to as a hot spring is not only popular for its charming views and snow-capped mountains but the water emerges from underground Sulphur deposits such elements that are believed to cure skin diseases and joint pains.

Garam chashma is the last village before Afghanistan’s border, where the locals have a great blend of cultural and traditional values reflecting Persian and Iranian lifestyles mainly. This place is also visited for fishing brown trout.

Garam chashma is one of the highest human settlements in the Hindukush ranges with an altitude of almost 2550 meters. Promising the iconic view with the enchanting natural springs, this place is a must visit to make your soul completely green and fresh again.


Tharparkar, a historically significant land, is a center for history and heritage enthusiasts. Tharparkar has several major Hindu and Jain sites, including some of the country’s oldest temples. If you’re interested in history, there are ancient mosques and shrines dating back to the 15th century. All of this takes place against the backdrop of the world’s aired landscapes.

Naukot Fort, Gori Temple, Well of Marvel, Bhodesar Mosque, and Churrio Mountain are the main source of attractions for tourists.

Not everybody craves lakes and beaches and if you are one of them, you surely need to visit the heritage sites of Tharparker where you will feel completely lost in an ancient vibe.


Developed by the British, located in the Dera Ghazi Khan district, Fort Munroe is one of the hill stations which is known as an escape spot from the hot and dry plains of Punjab. Fort Munroe unexpectedly spiked the rate of visitors made the government take instant steps to provide a smooth and clear tourism experience to the visitors.

Asia’s 2nd largest steel bridge, wide carpeted roads, chair lifts, and cable cars are some of the recent developments of the area making this place easily approachable by the locals and visitors as well.

If you are not fond of mountainous adventures but your heart still desires Murree adventure, then the fort Monroe is the perfect place to visit. This place is a complete vibe of charming and romantically cold weather with the view of beautiful lakes giving the visitors an ideally chilled destination in the hot province of Punjab .


The island that can be easily misguided as the piece of Thailand or Maldive’s beach, Astola Island possesses such iconic views that are always all heart eyes for the travelers. It is a biodiversity spot for marine species and terrestrial animals. Encircled by mighty mountainous views, Astola Island is also referred to as the Island of Seven Hills.

Astola Island is a small deserted Pakistani island in the Arabian Sea, located 25 kilometers south of the nearest part of the shore and 39 kilometers southeast of Pasni, Balochistan’s fishing port. The island can also be reached by motorized boats departing from Pasni, with a voyage time of about 5 hours.

Scuba diving, fishing, and boating expenditures are quite popular on Astola Island. Sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and occasional site of humpback whales make this place worth traveling!


Majestic views with a peaceful and calm vibe, Hannah lake is a must visit place if you are roaming in the capital of Balochistan, Quetta. The crystal blue water lake created by the British Colonial, almost dried out but due to sudden climatical changes, the Hannah Lake came back to life again, fortunately.

Home to bountiful fishes, serene surroundings, and hub to delicious Balochi food, Hannah Lake of Urak Valley is a sight for sour eyes, especially for the ones who always crave chilly spots to revive the freshness of their soul.


Ratti Gali Lake, a beautiful lake in Azad Jummu & Kashmir’s picturesque Neelum Valley, is a haven for trekkers and hikers. It is located at an elevation of over 12,000 feet above sea level.

The Ratti Gali Lake’s crystal pure, brilliant blue water is encircled by snow-capped mountains every year. In actuality, it is only open between the summer months of July and October. The remaining of the year, severe snowfall makes hiking to the lake impracticable.

To go to Ratti Gali Lake, one of Pakistan’s most stunning tourist sites, drive to Dowarian in Neelum Valley for around 3 hours. If you are traveling with a bunch of friends or siblings, the majestic views of Ratti Gali will load up your trip with iconic photos and memories.


Pakistan is growing through a lot of developmental stages but the one thing this country guarantees you is the exceptional beauty, paradise lakes, and roaring islands. Not only locals but foreigners have also constituted in spiking the tourism rate in Pakistan making the country portray the impression of peace, calm, and beauty with safety and security. Visiting these unknown places of Pakistan will definitely make you wish of traveling to these destinations every year.


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