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Top 5 Expensive Properties In Pakistan

Pakistan is Asia’s 3rd largest country which has various real estate options to offer. From catering reasonable or affordable housing schemes to providing the most expensive houses in Pakistan, the real estate in this region can never be disappointing. This time apart from highlighting reasonable properties of Pakistan, we are here to feature the most expensive houses in Pakistan that will make you feel like living a dream in real time.

These pricey properties of Pakistan are mostly from the metropolitan cities whose GDP is more stable as compared to other cities. That is why buying expensive properties in these cities of Pakistan is more likely demandable. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t find any pricey or luxurious property in Pakistan in other cities.

To keep you all updated on expensive properties in Pakistan we have prepared a list to share!

Areas where Expensive Properties in Pakistan are available for sale:

There are some hot seller areas of Pakistan where pricey properties are always available for sale. Such as;

  • DHA
  • Bahria Town
  • Islamabad ( E-7, E-11, F-6, F-7,F-8)
  • Malir Cantonment, Karachi

DHA (Defense Housing Authority):

Ask any person in the country about the most expensive property to buy in Pakistan they will surely name you DHA or Defense Housing Authority. Here the elite class of society is supposed to live. You can rarely see a mediocre swing in the DHA society of Pakistan.

Most of the people here are either overseas Pakistanis, 7-8 figures earners, or celebrities that prefer to reside in DHA rather than any other locality in Pakistan. This society has a proper and transparent security system that monitors every unusual happening in the locality. The real estate agents are guided to check the proper history and documentation of the buyer before selling the expensive property of DHA.

In this society, you will mostly witness expensive and luxurious mansions and houses that are starting from a minimum of Rs 500,000,000. If you are one of those stable buyers who like to invest somewhere expensive then DHA of Pakistan can be the safe yet demanding option.

Bahria Town:

A complete pristine city within a city is none other than Bahria Town which has submerged luxurious living with a serene locality. Here the expensive properties in Pakistan are starting from at least Rs 300,000,000.

The villas are designed to ensure an aesthetic yet luxurious look to deliver the property that will do justice to the buyer’s investment. Also, the societies are well maintained, well organized, and highly secured to keep residents safe from any inconvenience.

Islamabad (E-7, E-11, F-6, F-7, F-8):

Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan entertains the most elite class in the country. Therefore finding expensive properties in Pakistan in this city is quite normal. Almost every other area of Islamabad is a bit pricey as compared to other cities but properties in E-7, E-11, F-6, F-7, and F-8 are the fanciest yet costly properties available for sale in Pakistan. Why? Read below.

First, these areas of Islamabad are the home for foreigners, overseas Pakistanis, diplomats, and politicians of Pakistan who are living a well-settled life from their ancestors. Also, these areas are well known for high-profile businesses and offices that add an additional charm to the locality. Last but not the least, the majestic views all around give you the constant feeling of living on a piece of heaven.

All these mentioned above reasons are enough to justify the pricing of these expensive properties in Pakistan that are starting from a minimum of 40 to 50 million rupees.

Malir Cantonment Karachi:

The society of majors, karnals, and retired army officers, Malir Cantonment is another expensive property of Pakistan to mention. In his society, the majority belongs to the army background that has been living in this sophisticated, highly secured, and greatly developed society.

Quite away from the city’s hassle, the residents of Malir Cantonment enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with top-notch facilities. You cannot enter easily this locality. You either need a permit or a proper reference from the resident whom you are going to visit.

The property buying range starts from around 500,000,00. If you are a fan of Karachi and want to live your life with supreme amenities then this is the place where you need to be.

Conclusion to Expensive Properties of Pakistan:

Pakistan is quite a preferred place to live or invest in the real estate world. Here properties are available in all price ranges . Whether you are a reasonable buyer or want to invest in the most expensive property in Pakistan, you will get whatever you desire! So, if you want to live a premium life, you have safe names to start making your investments!

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