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Flood Crises Of Pakistan 2022

Facing flood crises in Pakistan has now become the fate of Pakistan. Every year, huge strategies are planned, various constructions are implemented, and all the precautionary steps are taken, but still, we fail to control these climatic hazards in our country. Due to such situations, a huge economic impact is faced by the government and citizens, which makes the entire situation worse. Pakistan Flood Crisis 2022.

But let’s review what we have lost in this flood crisis in 2022

The Flood Crises 2022 Impact:

After weeks of torrential rain, flash floods over the weekend inundated one-third of Pakistan, intensifying the nation’s already challenging political and economic issues.

According to Pakistan’s National Disaster Management Authority, 33 million people—or nearly 15% of the country’s population—have been impacted by the devastating flooding. Since the start of the monsoon season in June,

  • More than 1,130 people have died
  • An estimated 1 million homes have been destroyed
  • There has been $10 billion in damage.
  • Nearly 800,000 agricultural animals have died
  • 3,000 kilometers of roads have been damaged or destroyed Two million acres of orchards and crops have been affected.

Blaming political instability won’t be unfair, but totally keeping society out of this blame will not be a smart statement to make.

According to Ayesha Siddiqi, a geographer at the University of Cambridge, “all disasters are very much constructed; they’re constructed by society, and they’re constructed by people.”

She emphasized that a large portion of Pakistan was dreadfully unprepared for the flooding because of structural injustices, poor policymaking, and a focus on large-scale infrastructure projects.

What can we do about it?

Controlling climatic change is not in our hands, but our few responsible steps can create a great impact on our society, climate, and floor crisis situation. We, as a nation, can take steps that will have an effective impact on our environment, society, and climate as well

  • Protect forest
  • Encourage plantation
  • Protect natural resources
  • Initiate dam & barrage construction
  • Create a flood warning system


How flood relief is working during the Flood Crisis 2022:

To give relief and rehabilitation to those affected by massive flooding in several areas of the nation, the Government of Pakistan has established the Prime Minister’s Flood Relief Fund in 2022. The fund welcomes contributions and donations from both local and foreign sources.

A grant of 10 billion rupees ($45 million) has been offered by Prime Minister Sharif for those in the worst-hit Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

According to Mr. Sharif, each flood-affected family would receive 25,000 rupees ($112), which would be distributed over the course of a week.

The current relief effort requires 80 billion Pakistani rupees, as well as hundreds of billions of rupees to cover losses and aid in the victims’ rehabilitation

Mr. Sharif claimed that money to the tune of 37.2 billion PKR was already being distributed by his government as financial relief, as opposed to 5 billion PKR “immediately.”


Immediate Help to Recover the Flood Crisis in Pakistan 2022:

We are all familiar with the efforts being conducted throughout the country to handle the hazards of flood spreaders all over Pakistan. This is not the time to be completely dependent on government resources. There are a few steps that can be followed on an individual level to provide immediate help to the victims of the flood crisis in Pakistan.

  • Donate to NGOs
  • Transport the necessities on your own, such as tents, food, and hygienic kits.
  • Supply medicines
  • Provide blankets, clothes, and napkins to survivors

The necessities mentioned above need to be catered to instantly on a great level to handle the worsening situation of flood victim-survivors as soon as possible.


Help to restore the homes of flood victims in Pakistan in 2022:

Thousands of people evacuated their houses in the northwest of the nation as a result of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s rivers bursting their banks and producing intense flash floods.

According to Junaid Khan, a flood victim claimed that “the house that we created with years of hard labor started sinking in front of our eyes.” “We watched as our dream home sank from the side of the road.”

This story is the same for the millions of Pakistanis who have lost their families, savings, and homes in this major flooding crisis.

Apart from the immediate help funds, we also need to gather financial funding that can be part of restoring the houses of these survivors. To help in building the homes again, what we can do is

  • Donate financial funds as much as possible
  • Provide real estate services to these survivors
  • Helps restore devastated homes
  • Deliver construction elements to developers at a low cost


Future Insights & Revolutionary Steps:

Countries that contribute less to global warming of the environment suffer climate disasters the most. Pakistan is one of those countries that hardly contributes 3% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. As a nation, we have to take revolutionary steps to make our environment healthy and society free from flood emergencies.

  • Corporate with government
  • Contribute highly to flood funds
  • Arrange aids as much as possible
  • Take flood warnings seriously

All the suggested steps mentioned are not sufficient to control the flood crisis instantly, but they can create a major and effective impact to some extent. Start donating today, save a life, and help the nation overcome the flood crisis because we are all in this together!



Flood Crises

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