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Hottest Trends in Real Estate Marketing 2022

The real estate industry is changing rapidly. There are many new trends and ideas that will make marketing your property much more effective. In this article, we’ll discuss what they are and how you can use them to your advantage! Let’s get started with one of our favorite topics: social media marketing!

Social media marketing

Social media has become one of the most popular ways to market real estate. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer great opportunities to connect with potential buyers and sellers. You can share photos and videos of your property, as well as information about open houses and other events. Additionally, social media platforms are a great way to get feedback from users and learn how your property is performing in the real world.

Paid advertising

Another great way to market your property is through paid advertising. This involves paying for ads on websites or social media platforms. Paid advertising can be a great way to reach a large number of people quickly and efficiently. It’s also a great way to target specific demographics, such as young professionals or families.

Content marketing

Traditional marketing strategies are changing every day, and real estate is no exception. Many companies are transitioning to content-based marketing, which can take many forms. Some of the most common examples include white papers, infographics, e-books even blogs! These high quality resources offer value for your target audience in exchange for their attention. This will encourage them to become brand advocates and pass along your information to their friends and family.


Strive to create a unique brand for your business. When people think of real estate, they often picture McMansions in the suburbs or high-rise apartments downtown. But why can’t real estate incorporate many different styles and ideas? By creating an identity that stands out from the crowd, you’ll attract more visitors than ever before!


Podcasting is a great way to connect with potential buyers and sellers. It’s a very personal medium, and allows you to share your knowledge and insights about the real estate industry. Additionally, podcasting is growing rapidly in popularity; there are now over 250 million monthly active users! That’s a lot of potential listeners!

Website Development

Your website is one of your most important marketing tools. It’s the first impression many people will have of your company, so it’s essential that it looks professional and polished. Make sure to include clear information about who you are, what you do, and how potential customers can get in touch with you. Additionally, be sure to use high-quality photos and videos of your properties.

Animations and GIFs

GIFs are a great way to add some personality to your marketing materials. They’re also a great way to show off your properties in a fun and unique way. Animations can be used on websites, social media platforms, and even in email campaigns!

Professional Photography and Videography

Professional photography and videography can be used in many different ways. You might choose to feature photos of your properties on social media or include them in blog posts. Professional videos are also a great way to showcase what makes your property so special!

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a constantly evolving field, and it’s important to keep up with the latest trends. If you’re not taking advantage of SEO in your marketing efforts, now is the time! Everything from blog posts to social media profiles should be optimized for search engines like Google or Bing. This will help potential buyers find your property when they’re ready to purchase!

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours are one of the most popular ways to market real estate. They provide prospective buyers with a 360-degree view of your property, which can be used on websites and social media platforms alike. This is another great way to showcase all that your properties have to offer!


People love maps! The rise in popularity of navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps has sparked a surge in interest for map-based information. In the real estate world, this can take many forms: from beautiful virtual tours to interactive website maps! The possibilities are endless when it comes to using mapping tools as part of your marketing strategy.


People love infographics! They’re easy to understand, visually stunning–and they can be a great way to convey information in an easy-to-digest format. They’re also one of the most popular types of content among users; infographics are liked or shared on social media over half a billion times every month!

Mobile Applications

More and more people are using their smartphones to find information about real estate. In fact, over 60% of all online traffic now comes from mobile devices! That’s why it’s essential to have a well-designed mobile app that potential buyers can use to learn more about your properties. This is an excellent way to stay connected with your audience!

Data Science and Analytics

Data science and analytics are becoming more and more important in the real estate industry. By using data-driven methods, you can gain insights into what’s working well for your business and what could use some improvement. This information can be used to make strategic decisions about where to focus your marketing efforts!

AR & VR Technology

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are two of the most exciting new technologies in the world. They’re both quickly gaining popularity, and they offer a lot of potential for real estate marketing. AR can be used to create beautiful interactive visuals, while VR can be used to give potential buyers a complete 360-degree view of your property!

In summary…

Marketing is constantly evolving, and real estate is no exception. By using the latest methods and ideas, you’ll be able to connect with potential buyers and sellers like never before!

Now that you know some of the hottest marketing trends in real estate, it’s time to get out there and start using them! For more information, be sure to contact us today We would be happy to help you get started!


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