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Invest In Gulberg Islamabad – A Project From Successors

Economical Residential Plots for Sale in Islamabad:

Investing in Islamabad’s most sought-after location with reputable builders is a complete treat any investor will eagerly look for! Gulberg Islamabad is the name that is going to be the talk of the town real soon! Why? Because every influential element is incorporated into the thriving investment opportunities of Islamabad.

To get you updated with all the winning features available in the plots for sale in Gulberg Islamabad, we have written this blog specifically for you! Let’s dive into the details before investing in Gulberg Islamabad.

Gulberg Islamabad: A Project by IBECHS

Gulberg Islamabad is brought to you by the Intelligence Bureau Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS). The Intelligence Bureau Employee’s Cooperative Housing Society Islamabad (IBECHS) is a welfare organization that assists IB employees with their housing needs. The Managing Committee of the IBECHS must be made up entirely of serving IB employees. As an IBECHS Phase-I and later as a Phase-II known as ‘Pakistan Town,’ the IBECHS developed a housing project for low-income IB employees in 1984. IBECHS began a landmark development known as ‘Gulberg Islamabad’ in 2005. Gulberg Islamabad is set to usher in a new way of life in Islamabad for you and your family, one that has never been seen before.

Gulberg Islamabad: The Epitome of Residential Living

Mainly focused on developing residential housing society, Gulberg Islamabad tends to bring various residential plots for sale in Islamabad. All the residential plots come in different sizes that can be utilized for investment purposes as per the requirements. 5, 7, 10, and 1 kanal plots are available for sale in Gulberg Islamabad with a complete package of top-notch facilities.

Gulberg Islamabad: Golden Investment Opportunity:

A whole new world of luxury comes with affordability in none other than Islamabad. Buy a residential plot in Islamabad with a feasible payment plan where you can maximize your profits from the serenity of your capital. Quipped with all the reliable facilities, these apartments for sale in Gulberg Islamabad are the most ideal investment opportunity available in the country!

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