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Pakistan Top Tourist Destinations – Must Visit In 2023

You are going to love Pakistan. It’s a place like unlike any other. From the beautiful serene mountains of northern Pakistan to heavenly lush green valleys in the west, to the historic cities in the center of the country, and the white sandy beaches on the southern coast, Pakistan has it all! Foreign tourists are thronging these beautiful places to witness the natural beauty of Pakistan.

Here is the list of some of Pakistan’s top tourist destinations you really need to visit in 2023 which sums up why Pakistan has been able to grab millions of visitors annually.

Pakistan Top Tourist Destinations In 2023


Sindh, Pakistan’s province, is home to the ancient city Moen-jo-Daro, a well-preserved relic of the Indus Valley Civilization, as well as several heritage sites and forts. Winter is the best time to explore the culture of Sindh’s interior because in summer the scorching temperature won’t be preferable to your journey. The forts of RaniKot, Umerkot, and Kot Diji reveal Sindh’s grandeur and harken back to a time when Pakistan was the cradle of civilizations. Sindh, with its distinct culture and history, has several historical sites that are well worth a visit.

Furthermore, the Gorakh hills of Sindh are situated in the Kirthar Mountain at an elevation of 5600 feet above sea level. This place is popularly known to be the best peak of Sindh which offers jaw-dropping views that you cannot imagine in the hot province of Pakistan .

Numerous exotic beaches that stretch on the coastline of Karachi to Gwadar are the hub of visitors. These breathtaking beaches offer unparalleled serenity that is hard to compare to any other traveling experience. French beach, Mubarak village, devils point provide calm and mesmerizing sights to the sour eyes.


Home to the panoramic views, Gilgit Baltistan features dramatic and captivating valleys flanked by the mightiest mountain ranges of Himalaya, Karakoram, and Hindu Kash. For decades, visitors have been drawn to the scenic valleys of Gilgit, Hunza, and Skardu, set in the shadows of towering snow-capped peaks. The valleys of Gilgit Baltistan have breathtaking views, historic buildings, and rich culture and heritage, including the 1000-year-old Altit Fort and the 700-year-old Baltit Fort.


If you want to “get away from city life,” Hunza Valley is the ideal bucket of pleasure, panoramic views, scenery, and friendly people. Hunza Valley sustains many different locations, each with its unique heritage and cultural values. Passu cones and glaciers, the Khunjarab Pass (the Pakistan-China border), Altit Fort, Attabad Lake , Shimshal Valley, and many more places reside in the top priority of the traveler.


Skardu Valley, also known as Little Tibet, is in Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan’s northernmost province. The road leading to Skardu Valley is known as the World’s Eighth Wonder because it provides breathtaking views. The valley is rich in culture and history, as well as beautiful traditions. Some of the most popular tourist destinations include Kharpocho Fort, Shangrila Lake, Upper Kachura Lake, Kaptpana cold desert, Shiger cold desert, Shiger valley, and the fort.


Fairy Meadows, a glorious Nanga Parbat Mountain destination, is also known as The Killer Mountain, and it is the name of Pakistan’s second-highest peak. On the contrary, this peak is the ninth-largest in the world.

The heavenly beauty piece of land known as Fairy Meadows resides in the Far Himalayan Mountains of Gilgit Baltistan in northern Pakistan. The destination is well-known for its murky alpine forest surrounding it, lush green meadows in the center, and the magnificent mighty Nanga Parbat peak (8,126 m) in front, making it one of the best places to visit in Pakistan’s northern areas.


For ages, the historical state of Punjab has been the gateway to many brave rulers of the country, resulting in the formation of eye-catching buildings, monuments, and luxurious palaces. While rural Punjab is well-known throughout the country for its lush green terrains, paddy fields, and wheat production, urban Punjab is well-known for its association with chivalric tales of Sikh Gurus and valiant rulers. Forts and palaces built-in remote areas of the state are highly regarded for their historical and scientific architectural significance. The artistic excellence of these heritage buildings is worthy of praise, and it provides history buffs with enough information to keep thinking about. However, it is not possible to visit all these attractions in a single day.


The province of Pakistan, Balochistan has remained a mystery to the rest of the world, accounting for 44 percent of the country’s total land area. Balochistan’s mineral-rich, ingenious, and gifted lands have a side that outweighs its resourcefulness; that side is breathtaking and mind-boggling beauty, attracting visitors to the province of Balochistan. The travelers ensure that they benefit from the picturesque landscapes and mountains of the gold-rich province.

Balochistan offers places that you have never imagined or experienced before such as Hannah Jheel, Kund Malir, Moola Chotok, and The invisible Saint waterfall. These places are quite tackling to reach but the sight is always worth the destination owning unfathomable beauty.


What a wonderful and exquisite bunch of memories tourists of Pakistan gather yearly. The destinations mentioned above are totally safe and beautifully owned by Pakistan, where local and international tourists come to witness the unexceptional beauty of the country. If you haven’t visited these places yet, guess what you are now at least covered with all the information required to plan your Pakistan tour-2023.


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