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Things You Should Know About Pavilion Heights

The real estate market is always a hot spot for buyers and investors, but how often do you get a unique yet profitable opportunity to invest in real estate? Quiet is a thoughtful question, right?

Imagine that you own a portfolio in which you have earned profitable returns from every real estate category. Residential, offices, shops, and many more places have given you fruitful rental incomes. But now you want to invest in something different. What will your move be?

To entertain this innovative approach of a real estate investor, we have something unique to suggest. Pavilion Heights of Faisalabad. Apart from the high-end amenities and strategic location, this project has the first-ever hotel apartments in the entire city. If you want to invest in these hotel apartments in Faisalabad, here are the 5 things that you should know before making your investment decision.

5 Things You Should Know About Pavilion Heights:

  1. The project offers the first-ever hotel apartments.
  2. Pavilion Heights is set to deliver a unique investment opportunity
  3. The project is at par with international standards
  4. Bringing an array of world-class amenities
  5. Faletti’s Boutique hotel is also there for investment

First-ever hotel apartments available for sale in Pavilion Heights, Faisalabad:

For the first time in the real estate history of Faisalabad, Pavilion Heights has planned to develop hotel apartments for consumers. These hotel apartments in Faisalabad are ready for sale to real estate investors so that they can get a chance to earn some appreciable rental income.

Unique yet profitable investment opportunity:

Every day, the opportunity to invest in shops and office spaces is available, but hotel apartments are something that rarely gets available for investment purposes. To offer you such a unique yet profitable investment opportunity, hotel apartments are available for sale in Faisalabad with exceptional infrastructure. Pavilion Height in Faisalabad satisfies all requirements for being considered an outstanding commercial area. There is almost no chance that you will regret funding such a large enterprise as Faisalabad.

  • Opulently designed hotel apartments
  • Capacious retail shops are perfect for businesses to grow
  • Residing in a prime location, accessible by everyone

Pavilion Heights is developed with international standards:

To deliver the taste of excellence, these hotel apartments in Faisalabad are planned to be developed to international standards so that the consumer can enjoy an unforgettable experience.

One of Pakistan’s most renowned architects, “Nayyar Ali Dada,” is behind the architectural grandeur of this project. The infrastructure satisfies the requirements for elegance, the designs are simple, and the foundations are rock-solid. What is potentially superior to this?

Nothing could go wrong if you decide to purchase a hotel apartment or retail shop in Faisalabad if you choose Pavilion Heights Faisalabad.

Pavilion Heights: An Array of High-End Amenities

Real estate investors are never in favor of compromising on amenities, which is why developers of Pavilion Heights understand and thus bring you a contemporary-designed project with top-notch amenities such as a standby power generator, concierge and valet parking, a mosque, speedy lifts, escalators, and a rooftop restaurant.

Pavilion Heights Premium Category—The Faletti’s Boutique:

You can now invest in the premium category made available by the project “Faletti’s Boutique” in Faisalabad’s Pavilion Heights, where everything provided is luxurious and artistically constructed.

  • Key highlights to influence your investment decision:
  • The project is by a Well-known Faisalabad builder
  • Designed by the legendary architect Nayyar Ali Dada
  • Approved by FDA (Faisalabad Development Authority)
  • Basement construction has already started
  • Easy Payment Plans
  • Possession within 2.5 Years
  • Rent begins following One Month of 100% Payment

What more do you want to know?

We understand that a real estate investment decision requires several queries that need to be answered immediately. In this article, we have provided all the basic information related to hotel

apartments available for sale in Faisalabad but still, if you want to know more details, call us at 111 111 160 or schedule a visit to the site office, where one of our customer care representatives will guide you


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