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Why Foreigners Prefer To Buy Property In Pakistan?

Property in Islamabad is always home to profitable yet steady investment opportunities. Every real estate category is entertained in this capital of Pakistan with great development. Residential, commercial, or industrial, the investor in this region will never be seen as disappointed.

When it comes to foreign investors, their expectations are a bit higher than those of native investors. Foreign investors look for various elements while investing in a property, such as international standards of development, approved properties, location, margin of profit, neighborhood, the lifestyle of people in nearby areas, and much more. These factors influence the buying decisions of foreign investors the most.

Gladly, Islamabad’s real estate market fulfills all the expectations of foreign buyers; that’s why they prefer to buy property in Islamabad. But to keep it vividly clear, these are the factors that are giving Islamabad’s real estate market some brownie points!

Check what they are.

  1. Easily Approachable
  2. Pristine Location
  3. Commercial Hub
  4. Stable Real Estate Market
  5. High-End education & Health sectors
  6. Nearby Tourist locations
  7. Pleasant Climate

7 Reasons Why Foreign Investors Buy Property in Islamabad:

Almost every real estate property is easily approachable.

Guess what the most important thing a foreign investor will look for? An easily accessible and approachable location! The location that entertains various needs and demands to pursue an ideal lifestyle is what everybody looks for while investing in Pakistan.

Islamabad real estate is acing this factor with its smooth, wide, and well-maintained road network that makes any location easily reachable. The investment properties also enjoy the price hike due to the mature and well-sorted transport system in nearby areas.

Pristine Location is what is available in every corner of Islamabad:

Islamabad is known for various things, but do you know what strikes your mind when you hear Islamabad? Majestic views and greenery!

That’s the main reason for Islamabad being eye candy for foreign investors. Unlike other metropolitan cities in Pakistan full of skyscrapers, jammed roads, and pollution everywhere, Islamabad differentiates itself by providing well-organized, less polluted, and awe-inspiring views. That’s why people who live in foreign countries prefer Islamabad for residence and investment purposes.

Don’t believe it? Check out these properties and get yourself astonished by the location and pricing.

The capital is also the commercial hub of Pakistan.

Not dealing specifically with residential properties, Islamabad is also quite commercial-oriented and provides crisp investment opportunities every other day to real estate investors. This city is literally the answer for every kind of investor. Visit or either look online, and you will find massive commercial investment opportunities available in Islamabad for sale. This is another reason why foreign investors keep a keen eye on investing in Islamabad.

Islamabad’s real estate market is stable.

In contrast with other cities’ real estate markets, investment in Islamabad performs more stable than others. That’s why foreign investors attract to this city the most!

In Islamabad, you will notice various residential or commercial developments taking place and getting pre-booked before completing the grey structure. Surely, there’s something that’s driving the buying decisions of foreign investors toward the city.

To conclude the scenarios, the real estate market in this district is way more stable and profitable than in other cities in Pakistan.

High-end education & health care sectors:

Apart from sorted and greatly organized societies, Islamabad is also known for providing top-notch education and health care facilities in the city. This factor keeps families surrounded by high-tech medical services and international-standard education systems.

Some of the famous educational institutes available in Islamabad are:

  • Roots Millennium School
  • Sheikh Zayed International Academy
  • Headstart School
  • COMSATS University
  • Bahria University

Some of the high-end health institutes are:

  • Advanced International Hospital
  • Capital International Hospital
  • Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital

Islamabad is bordered by various tourism destinations:

The Pakistan tour is quite easy for you if you belong to Islamabad. As there are tremendous destinations that tourists refer to for small trips and picnics,. This is another reason for attracting foreign investors to Islamabad.

Some of the nearby tourist destinations are:

  • Daman-e-Koh
  • Saidpur Village
  • Margalla Hills
  • Raval Lake

Islamabad always provides charming climate conditions.

Another reason behind foreign investors’ preference for Islamabad is the pleasant weather throughout the year. The residents of Islamabad barely face harsh climates and mostly enjoy majestic views and charming weather at any time of the year. This is why foreign investors like to make investments in this city.


Surely, the factors mentioned above play a vital role in bringing foreign investments to Islamabad, as this city is the perfect fit for every kind of investor. Recently, the capital city has introduced various real estate projects that initiate stable, profitable, and NOC-approved investment opportunities.

If you are still looking for smooth and surplus investment options in Islamabad, then visit to hunt properties that fit right in your shoes.

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