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Banks that offer home loan services for real estate in Pakistan

This rising inflation, which has reached up to 37.97% in 2024, has tightened the budget of all the classes surviving in Pakistan. With such higher rates and lower investment options, securing a residence in Pakistan has become quite challenging. The middle class and the lower middle class have been seen suffocating the most in this scenario, which is why they are massively relying on commercial bank loans to buy land or construction while paying in installments. With such an initiative, getting loans for homes has eased the burden on the new property owners so that they can build their properties with relief.

How impactful are home loan facilities for Pakistani real estate?

  • The availability of home credit facilities encourages people to make real estate investments, which increases demand for real estate.
  • Due to house loans, there is a greater demand for housing, which increases construction activity and boosts employment and economic growth.
  • Home loans facilitate the purchase of homes by individuals, hence encouraging homeownership and the building of wealth.
  • Because they provide financing choices for houses in metropolitan locations, easily accessible home loans promote urbanization.
  • With the help of home loans, people can stretch out the costs of homeownership over time, lowering the cost of dwelling.
  • Home loans are a tool that investors use to finance the acquisition of real estate, which helps the real estate market grow.
  • The availability of house loans encourages consumers to spend more on products and services related to their homes, which boosts the economy in many areas.
  • Home loan facilities foster socioeconomic development and inclusion by providing financial opportunities to a larger part of the population.



Top 3 banks of Pakistan that provide home loans

Following are the banks that offer great home loan schemes for people to build their home with flexible instalments

  • HBL


Habib Bank Limited (HBL) provides a wide range of bank loan services that are specifically designed to satisfy the various demands of its clients in Pakistan. HBL is the nation’s largest bank, offering a reliable platform for financial solutions with a history stretching back to 1947. People can obtain funding between Rs. 2 million and Rs. 15 million through their HBL Home Loan facility, with payback terms varying from 60 to 240 monthly instalments.

Furthermore, the bank offers a homeownership option that complies with Shariah standards through its Islamic Home Finance plan. HBL Islamic Home Finance offers adjustable payback durations of 3 to 25 years and financing ceilings ranging from PKR 20 lakh to 7.5 crores. This flexible financing option may be used for a variety of housing needs, such as buying residential units, building on land, renovating, and replacing mortgages. HBL establishes minimum age limits for applicants in order to guarantee that eligibility standards are satisfied and to make it easier for Pakistani nationals to obtain simple and reasonably priced home financing options.


  • Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered Pakistan

The Saadiq Home Financing business of Standard Chartered Bank provides a wide range of Shariah-compliant home financing options that are customized to satisfy the various demands of its clients. SCB makes affordable homeownership possible for people all over Pakistan with loan amounts ranging from Rs. 3 million to Rs. 30 million and varied repayment options spanning 12 to 240 monthly instalments. Renowned for its cutting-edge financial solutions and outstanding customer service, SCB serves Pakistanis living in Pakistan and abroad, including owners of Roshan Digital Accounts.


Diminishing Musharakah’s Shariah-compliant framework guarantees openness and fidelity to Islamic precepts. Saadiq Home Finance provides coverage for various housing requirements, including balance transfers, improvements, renovations, and purchases of new homes. With financing terms as long as 25 years and availability in several major city locations, SCB’s Saadiq Home Finance enables people to fulfil their aspirations of becoming homeowners ethically and effectively. Its accessibility and reach are further increased because non-resident Pakistanis from Malaysia, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain can apply directly for this scheme.


  • MCB

MCB Bank Pakistan

MCB, a renowned bank in Pakistan, presents a compelling choice for those looking for home financing options. Borrowers can easily apply for MCB Home Loans because the application process is simplified and requires less paperwork. This financing option offers flexibility and variety to meet a range of housing demands, including building, renovating, buying a plot of land, and buying a home. With financing terms ranging from two to twenty-five years, MCB Home Loans are affordable and suitable for various financial circumstances.

With funding up to PKR 5 crore or more, MCB guarantees borrowers’ affordability and viability. With a minimum wage requirement of Rs. 60,000 and an age range of 25 to 65, the qualifying standards are realistic and make many people accessible, including salaried workers, self-employed people, retirees, and landlords.

Other banks providing home loan facilities for Pakistan Real Estate

Since there are numerous options for people willing to take home loans,. Here is a list of other banks that provide relevant services for ease of home building.

  • Summit Bank
  • JS Bank
  • Allied Bank
  • Bank Alfalah
  • Faysal Bank
  • Dubai Islamic bank


As such, owning a house or constructing your dream abode is no longer a problem! With a commercial bank loan on your side, you can now easily bring the dream of living in your own house to reality. As there is no bank in Pakistan providing 0% interest-free home loan facilities for Pakistani real estate, the mentioned banks are practicing the easiest and most hassle-free home loan schemes. If you are planning to promote your home business or construction, then this guide is the perfect pick for you!

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