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Top 3 Furniture Brands in Pakistan For Elegant Home

Finding furniture that resonates with your vibe, complements your space, & brings an aesthetic boost to your elegant home is quite challenging. Furniture that is top-notch in quality and functionality and has a reasonable price range is what every homeowner looks for. Buying from furniture brands in Pakistan for home decoration is quite expensive, so buyers are just not ready to risk it at all. Due to higher prices, most Pakistanis have been seen buying used or pre-owned furniture for their homes. However, the preference still falls for brand-new pieces that come directly from the outlet and are perfectly fixed in their living space. To eliminate the complexity of buying furniture to turn your house into an elegant home, here’s a guide to Pakistan’s top 5 furniture brands.

3 furniture brands in Pakistan that will transform your home completely!

Following is a list of furniture brands in Pakistan that will captivate your eyes and make you irresistible to bring those magnified home decoration pieces to your home!

1-  Interwood


As the height of elegance and quality, Interwood is regarded as the leading furniture brand in Pakistan. With a rich history spanning more than 40 years, Interwood has grown beyond its modest origins to become a household name associated with style and innovation.

Its extensive selection, which includes everything from kitchens to custom furniture, reflects its dedication to providing dependable quality solutions for a wide range of demands for home decoration. Interwood is unique in skillfully combining cutting-edge technology with age-old workmanship to create pieces that satisfy current needs and have timeless appeal.


With its cutting-edge manufacturing facilities and committed staff, Interwood continues to be the best at producing mass-produced goods without sacrificing quality. Its broad clientele, including private and business customers, is evidence of its steadfast commitment to client satisfaction. Interwood is the gold standard for furniture brands in Pakistan and a beacon of trust.

What does Interwood offer?

  • Bed set
  • Sofa set
  • Dining tables, coffee table, centre table, nested table
  • Accessories like clocks, trays, cushions, table runners, and picture frames
  • Office furniture
  • Kitchen appliances & decoration pieces


2-  Habit


Since its founding in 2001, Habitt Furniture has cemented its standing as one of Pakistan’s leading furniture brands, distinguished by its unique blend of excellent quality, affordability, and modern style. Habitt assures a comprehensive solution for home decoration needs by continuously introducing trendy and new furniture across all categories, thanks to a committed team of local producers. Adopting the philosophy of providing reasonably priced elegance, Habitt has become a favourite among customers on a tight budget who won’t sacrifice quality.


Their wide selection accommodates different décor tastes, from stylish sofa sets to space-saving options. Habitt guarantees simple accessibility to its unique designs with outlets placed strategically in major cities such as Hyderabad, Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore. Additionally, their online store provides a flawless purchasing experience by highlighting quick delivery, reasonable prices, and excellent craftsmanship. Pakistan’s furniture aficionados favour Habitt because it is a monument to the art of combining comfort, design, and use.

What does Habit offer?

  • Bedroom furniture
  • Living room furniture
  • Dinnerware
  • Drinkware
  • Study room furniture
  • Kids room furniture


3-  Mohkam

Mohkam Furniture

Mohkam Furniture, a Pakistani furniture industry icon since its founding in 1974, is a devoted company that produces high-quality home decoration furniture. Mohkam Furniture makes classic pieces that enhance any living area using a blend of traditional craftsmanship and foreign woods. The brand, which specializes in furniture for architects, interior designers, and residential clients, painstakingly makes furniture by hand using premium woods, including Sheesham, Walnut, Oak, Mahogany, and Teak.


Mohkam Furniture aims to provide its cherished clients with unrivalled quality, integrity, and prompt service. Since its founding by Khawaja Maqbool Ilahi, the company has become a representation of elegance and skill, providing cherished lifelong items that improve the dynamics of any space. One of the leading furniture brands in Pakistan, Mohkam Furniture is renowned for its attention to quality and client satisfaction and is distinguished by its use of premium materials and classic designs.

What does Mokham offer?

  • Chairs
  • Table
  • Bedroom set
  • Misc
  • Sofa
  • Media walls


As the demand for the best yet reasonable furniture rises in Pakistan, these top 3 brands (Interwood, Habit, & Mokham) optimize the needs & demands of buyers and transform their homes completely like never before. With their quality, innovation, & elegance in design, these furniture brands in Pakistan will not let you roam aimlessly when searching for perfect home decoration pieces. With their outlets spread all over metropolitan cities in Pakistan, you can buy any range of furniture to transform your abode into an elegant home.

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