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How to Apply For Online Driving License

Applying for an online driving license in Pakistan is a more relaxed task that one must stress about! With the more revolutionized digital solutions, acquiring a driving license has become more accessible. Gone are the days when people had to bear lengthy queues and cumbersome paperwork in driving license centers.  With the advent of online driving license applications and websites (DLS), securing a driving license has become simpler and more efficient.

Here are more in-depth insights about applying for an online driving license and other details.

How do I apply for a driving license?

The development of online systems has made obtaining a driving license in Pakistan more efficient. This is a condensed, step-by-step tutorial on how to apply for a driver’s license.

  1. Download the Form: head over to the DLS website and download the required driving license form from the “Downloads” tab.
  2. Fill out the form: Get the form filled out with the accurate details asked for in the document. Also, attach the required documents.
  3. Please book an appointment. After ensuring that your form is accurately filled, it’s time to book an online appointment on your ideal date and time
  4. Visit the Licensing Center: Go to the licensing facility on the scheduled day. Verify your appointment and turn in the form at the front desk.
  5. Document Verification and Photograph: The license centre will take your photograph and verify your documents.
  6. Eyesight Check: A brief eyesight check will be done, too.
  7. Fee Payment: At the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) counter, deposit the necessary fees
  8. Learner’s License: Obtain your learner’s license after paying the required amount.
  9. Oral and Written Test: Take an online oral and written test to obtain a permanent driver’s license.
  10. Practical Road Test: Complete the practical road test at the licensing office after passing the written exam.
  11. License Delivery: A courier will deliver the permanent license to the address you supplied.
  12. Track your license: To find out the progress of your license’s delivery and ensure all required paperwork is in order, use the DLIMS website’s “License Info” section.

You can quickly and confidently get a driving license in Pakistan by adhering to these streamlined procedures.

Types of driving license

Following are the types of driving licenses that you can apply for easily through the DILMS website.

Learner Driving license

Obtaining a learner’s license is an essential first step for those who want to become skilled drivers on Pakistani roads. This permit, available to anybody who meets the minimum age criteria, enables students to obtain important driving experience in supervised settings. The learner’s permit, which is good for a year, helps applicants practice driving and learn about traffic laws.

The application procedure is simple, and the costs are determined by the kind of vehicle category that is being sought. Learners can get licenses for vehicles specific to their preferred driving activities, whether for cars, motorbikes, or commercial vehicles like taxis and minibuses. Furthermore, separate skill sets and duties are needed for each type of vehicle, such as Motor Cycle Rickshaws (MCR), Light Transport Vehicles (LTV), and Heavy Transport Vehicles (HTV), for which additional arrangements are in place.

Most importantly, the minimum age restrictions for every kind of vehicle guarantee that students have the maturity and accountability needed to operate various types of cars safely. With chances to take required exams at predetermined intervals, students can progressively advance toward full driving privileges while abiding by the rules.

Permanent Driving License

In Pakistan, obtaining a permanent driving license is the last step towards becoming a responsible and competent driver on the road. This document, whose validity varies from three to five years based on the selected license cost, certifies the holder’s ability to drive safely and confidently.

The application procedure consists of a mix of theoretical and practical exams to examine a candidate’s comprehension of traffic laws and their capacity to apply them in actual driving situations. Twenty-five questions on the theoretical test address several topics related to road markings, traffic signs, and road safety. Candidates must properly answer at least 18 questions and receive a minimum score of 72 out of 100 to advance to the practical road test.

The practical road test is an in-person assessment led by testing officers who offer instructions on parking techniques and driving standards. A computerized permanent driving license is issued upon completing the required medical examination, theoretical and practical test, and other requirements.

The cost of a permanent driving license varies based on the kind of vehicle and the desired length of validity. Depending on their driving goals and responsibilities, applicants can select a license type for anything from motorcycles to big transport vehicles.

International Driving license

In many foreign nations, an international driving license containing extensive personal information serves as an additional form of identification. The international license offers people temporary respite in cases where they misplace their ID card or need a replacement, enabling them to carry on with their regular activities. At the same time, they wait for a new ID. But it’s important to remember that, even if it’s helpful for short-term support, it still doesn’t replace the need for a valid ID card, especially in foreign countries with strict laws. Therefore, it’s essential to constantly have two pieces of identification on hand for convenience and legal compliance, even though it facilitates mobility overseas.

Documents required for applying for an online driving license

Here’s the list of documents that you will need while applying for a driving license.

  • Application form
  • Original CNIC
  • 2 photocopies of CNIC
  • 2 passport-size photos
  • Fee receipt for mentioned driving license
  • Medical reports
  • Ticket of relevance title

To apply for an international driving license, you will need

  • Attested copy of CNIC
  • attested copy of the valid driving license
  • Attested passport-size photographs (2)
  • Attested copy of passport with visa

How do you prepare for the online driving license test?

The theoretical test and the road test are the two main exams that applicants must pass to receive a permanent online driving license in Pakistan. There are twenty-five questions in the theoretical test, and to pass with a 72 out of 100 score, you must get at least 18 of the answers right.

The topics of traffic signs, safety precautions, and road regulations are all covered in these questions. Candidates move on to the road test after passing the theoretical exam, administered per the guidelines provided in the Motor Vehicle Ordinance of 1965’s third schedule.

On the spot, skilled testing officials evaluate the applicant’s driving abilities and give instructions. The DLS method extends the driving license for five more years if the applicant passes both exams and fulfils any necessary medical requirements.

An endorsement in the Heavy Transport Vehicle (HTV) category requires at least three years of driving experience. These demanding exams guarantee that Sindh’s licensed drivers have the skills and knowledge to drive safely on the state’s highways.


This is a comprehensive guide to applying for an online driving license in Pakistan, with all the information you need, including procedures, required documents, and types of driving licenses. After getting familiar with all the information mentioned above, one thing is clear: the simplified yet efficient method of attaining an online driving license has made things easier & hassle-free.

So if you plan to book an appointment, go for it because you know every bit of the driving license application & procedure!

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