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Famous Places To Visit In Sindh Pakistan

The hottest region in Pakistan, Sindh, is underappreciated from a tourism standpoint. You’ll note that few people make plans to visit Sindh’s calm and historical locations because of obvious reasons like the country’s scorching heat, lack of publicity, inadequate infrastructure, etc., but these misconceptions about Sindh tourism have started to fade with time. The majority of tourists are drawn to this region because of its distinctiveness and wealth of historical sites. The topographically designed Sindh commonly referred to as “Babul Islam,” is situated in the country’s south-eastern corner. You should visit these numerous tourist attractions in the Sindh Province of Pakistan to realize that it offers just as much tourism as the other regions of Pakistan.


In harmony with other provinces, Sindh the second largest province of Pakistan also has to offer such inspiring and historically rich sites that will blow your mind away!



Gorakh Hill is the heart of Sindh tourism that easily grabs the attention of every tourist through its enchanting views and cooling temperature. This spot is located at a distance of 94 kilometers (58 miles) northwest of Dadu City in the Kirthar Mountains at a height of 5,689 feet (1,734 meters). Also, Gorakh hill is 8hours drive away if you are beginning your trip from Karachi.

The Gorakh hills of Sindh are best to provide majestic views. If you are planning to camp or willing to arrange a bonfire at this place, there are restaurants and motels to facilitate you on your fun trip. As this place enjoys the coldest temperature in Sindh Province, the Gorakh hills are suitable to visit at the time of the year.

A hill station of this caliber located in Sindh’s deserts and plains is always a treat for the locals and attracts large gatherings towards itself, that is why Gorakh Hill is also credited as Murree of Sindh. However, the Hill Station’s access roads are in poor shape, and preferred to travel in a 4X4 car. To play the safest, you can plan your trip to Gorakh hills with some traveling agencies that will take care of everything on your behalf and make your trip a fun, relaxed, and memorable one


Mohen-jo-name Daro means “the mound of the dead.” One year after the discovery of Harappa, in 1922, the site’s archaeological significance was initially realized. To those who are fond to witness historical sites then Mohen-jo-Daro is a treat for the eyes for them. As the tourist spot is dry and the climatic temperature around the area is usually high, it is referred to visit the place in the evening or winter so that the tourist can roam around the place easily.

This city holds extravagant historical importance as it is believed that this is the hub where Indus Valley Civilization bloomed. From a well-planned city to a separate drainage system, this city is credited to enjoy a modern lifestyle in back 2500BC. This is one of the reasons that attract the tourist and visitors to see their self what the mound of the dead looks like.


There’s no chance that you haven’t heard of any keenjhar Lake mishap. The Keenjhar Lake of Sindh also called Wild Lake or Malik Lake used to be avoided by many tourists due to the non-availability of proper facilities and safe tourism, but now with the development of tourism in Sindh, the concerns are been taken care of well.

On this spot of Sindh tourism that is located in Sindh’s Thatta district, there is a well-maintained resort with the name “Keenjhar Lake Resort” where you can make your picnic a comfortable one. To reach Keenjhar Lake from Karachi, you have to cover the distance of 122 kilometers and from thatta, it is 1 kilometer away only.


The Faiz Mahal is a magnificent example of Talpur Dynasty architecture in Khairpur. It is a magnificent architectural work of art. The genuine splendor appears to have been overshadowed by the distinctive traditional culture and traditional works of art. The intricately designed features on the castle walls showcase the superb art of earlier generations. In addition, Kot Diji and its surroundings are home to numerous palaces and graveyards.

Faiz Mahal is located centrally in the Khairpur district of Sindh. From Karachi , it will take around 6 hours to reach this tourist destination of Sindh and from Hyderabad, it’s a drive of about 4.5 hours to Faiz Mahal.


The city of Khairpur is also home to Kot Diji Fort, one of the largest representations of the Talpur dynasty in the area. According to historical documents, the fort was constructed a century ago in one of Sindh’s most remote regions. It is referred to as the Kot Diji Fort because it dominates the town of Kot Diji in the Khairpur district and is an iconic part of the enormous fort. The Kot Diji Fort, which boasts a stunning design, was built over ten years, from 1785 to 1795.

In the Pakistan’s province of Sindh, about 22 kilometers south of Khairpur. It is located across from Mohenjo-Daro on the east bank of the Indus. The amazing art and crafts, bronze sculptures, and embossed pottery are the reason that will make you visit this tourist spot in Sindh.


The tourist spot of Sindh where the architecture is restricted to lime and stones only is none other than Rani kot. This picturesque destination is also hailed as The Great Wall of Sindh, and with a perimeter of almost 32 kilometers, it is thought to be the largest fort in the world (20 mi).

35 kilometers of desolate hills are connected by the massive fort of Rani Kot’s defense wall. In the early half of the nineteenth century, the fort was constructed. Solid semi-circular bastions are spaced along the defensive wall, which follows the terrain’s natural curves in the hilly region. Three of the four sides of the region are surrounded by a fortification wall, while on the northern side, a wall is made up of the steep summits of the higher hillocks. The royal house for the reigning family of Mirs appears to have been a tiny stronghold located 5–6 miles within the main gate. The fortress’s south side is where the double door gate is located. Two niches inside the gate are embellished with carved stone floral patterns.


With the amazing topographical feature and majestic natural wonders, Karoon Jhar Mountains are something to admire by tourists. The historical significance of the entire Nagarparkar and Tharparkar region makes it essential to Sindh’s tourism sector. For the sake of visitors, the Sindh Tourism Development Corporation (STDC) has constructed Sardharo Picnic Point in Karoonjhar, Nagarparkar.

To help travelers, a pedestrian bridge was recently constructed nearby between two slopes. The Sindh Tourism Development Authority (STDC) has plans to upgrade the area’s infrastructure surrounding the Karoonjhar Mountains in Nagarparkar, just like it has done for other well-liked tourist destinations in Sindh.

The authorities are also restoring and maintaining historical sites close to the Karoonjhar Mountains. The Budisar Mosque, Marvi’s well, and the 16th-century Jain are noteworthy locations in this sense.

At 305 meters above sea level, the Karoonjhar mountain range is one of the lowest in the nation. It is 19 kilometers long in total. This mountain range may be roughly 2.5 billion years old, according to geologists. The border between India and Pakistan lies close to the Karoonjhar mountain range. The Pakistani Rangers are manning the perimeter because of this. It is situated in Sindh Province’s Nagarparkar region, which is on the southern side of Tharparkar. This is also the easiest approach to getting to the Karoonjhar Mountains in Sindh if you’re coming from a major city like Karachi or Hyderabad. You can also make a stop in Mithi to look around before continuing on your journey.


With all these listed above destinations of Sindh that serve all the criteria of perfect tourism will not be disappointing for a visitor. If you are planning to upgrade your Instagram with some aesthetically beautiful pictures then Sindh is the perfect place to begin your tour with. Make sure, you choose an ideal season to plan your next trip to Sindh tourist places.

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