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Top 7 Places You Need To Visit In Balochistan Pakistan

Traveling to Balochistan’s most iconic places was never easy. The mineral-rich province with diversified landscapes and panoramic sea views, this area of 347,190 square kilometers serves as one of the most picturesque tourist spots for travelers. From hiking to sky diving, an enthusiast traveler can fulfill his wish list quite fondly in this province of Pakistan.

Here are some of the spots of Balochistan that you need to visit and experience the enchanting views this beautiful province has to offer.


As Baluchistan is the province that is holding up starting beauty spots that will leave you stunned completely. Visiting these spots on your Balochistan tour will make you extend your vacations in those dreamy locations.

  1. Sonmiani beach
  2. Sapat Beach
  3. Gondrani Cave
  4. Urak Valley
  5. Pir Ghayab waterfall
  6. Moola Chotok
  7. Astola Island



The golden sand, charming sea view, and chilly environment are all heart eyes for the travelers of Sonmian beach, Balochistan. Easily accessible even from Karachi, this beach is a 2-hour drive away in Balochistan. With the availability of spacious huts and other necessities which are required to sustain a peaceful and comfortable picnic.


Another picturesque beach located in the heart of Balochistan is still an unexplored beach due to its unpopularity among the locals. This is the reason why the natural beauty on this island is remain preserved because of the lack of travelers. The most iconic view to experience on Sapat Beach is the strange cliff rising in the center of the beach called Bujih Koh embracing the view of the sea elegantly.


If you are fond of exploring archeological remains and historical sites then the Gondrani Cave of Balochistan is the place where you need to visit. This place is considered to be a Buddhist ruin whose existence is still a mystery. Although the other caves found in the same district have decorated walls or some sign of architecture but this Godvani Cave is all mud and sand with small rooms and terrace spaces in it. The cave is located in the Lasbella District of Balochistan that is often visited by history lovers.


The Urak Valley, located in Hannah Lake and 21 kilometers from Quetta, is one of the most sought valleys when it comes to Balochistan’s iconic destinations to visit. This region is considered one of Pakistan’s most calm beauty, surrounded by serene mountains and a lovely waterfall at the valley’s end. Visitors can observe plums, peaches, apples, and apricots growing in excess. Tourists will enjoy the lakeside restaurant as the picnic area. Hiring and paddling a boat in the lake near Urak Valley is another popular tourist activity.


The pir-ghayab waterfall is the most searched tourist spot located in the Bolan Valley of Balochistan, around 70 kilometers away from Quetta. The pir ghayab waterfall is a combination of multiple streams that falls into a unified pond. The name of this place is itself a story that some Saint or Pir has vanished from this spot, since then the location has been known as pir ghayab waterfall. The scenic landscape, lush greenery, and calming atmosphere make this place one of the most visited tourist spots in Balochistan.


The Moola Chotok is located in the heart of the Khuzdar District, Balochistan . To reach this destination, the traveler will be experiencing tropical forest sites, rocky roads, and majestic hills on their route. Fishing, camping, trekking, and swimming are the most common activities done by the visitors at this spot. The waterfall resembles an umbrella because of the interplay between the mountain peaks. If you are planning to visit this place, all you need is to have diversified knowledge of the route, some references, and a suitable climate that can complement your trip to this magnificent place.


Astola Island is the largest island in Pakistan located on the coastline of Balochistan. An island is still an uncommon place for travelers due to the unavailability of necessities. If you are planning to explore this majestic island, you need to be fully equipped before landing on this spot. Fishing, camping, paddling, snorkeling, and scuba diving are the activities conducted on this picnic spot. to all those who are traveling from Karachi, you will have to pass a 7-hour ride to Pasni and later on, you need to conduct around a 2-hour boat ride to reach the destination.


The region was not regarded as safe because of a history of terrorist strikes and natural calamities that occurred frequently in Balochistan. Because of the presence of an active terrorist group, the area was also designated as a red zone for locals and tourists. However, as time went on, all of these security concerns began to fade. Pakistan’s government has taken attempts to improve security in this mineral-rich province. Tourism places and sites have also begun to be renovated to promote the attractiveness of Pakistani residents in this province. Pakistan has seen a significant increase in tourism since 2013, contributing $36.1 billion in less than a decade. People began urging us to visit and discover stunning beauty areas, and eventually, a new terrorism space erupted in this province, attracting even foreigners to travel and observe Pakistan’s mind-boggling beauty.

So if you call yourself a tourist, visiting these places and exploring the serene views of Balochistan should be on your wish list. When are you leaving then?

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